Identity and Strata collection Awarded the Johnathan Hindle Prize - May 21

I’m thrilled to announce that the Identity and Strata collections designed for Bute Fabrics has been awarded the Jonathan Hindle Prize - an award presented to the most outstanding of the year’s Design Guild Mark awarded pieces in both the furniture and 2D categories.

It's fantastic to not only be granted a Design Guild Mark but to recieve this extra special accolade. It’s especially meaningful for me, as this has been my first time working in textile design, so I’m extremely grateful to be recognized by such an esteemed panel of judges. Thank you to the whole team at Bute for making the project happen.

Jonathan Hindle, sponsor of the prize, said: “This year’s winners of the Jonathan Hindle Prize utilised exceptionally innovative thinking to create products that are unique and have meaning beyond their face value. This good design is why British manufacturing is still one of the forerunners in the world industry and why celebrating it through the Design Guild Mark and the Jonathan Hindle Prize is so important.”

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