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Clan celebrates the unique origin of Bute Fabrics and its founding by the 5th Marques of Bute. The inspiration behind Clan came about after a visit to Mount Stuart, the ancestral home of the Bute family. This nineteenth-century mansion, said to be Britain’s most spectacular Victorian Gothic house, contains an astonishing level of detail with history and intention behind every feature.

In one ground-floor room, the entire ceiling is covered by an intricately carved, armorial family tree, which depicts each crest interwoven by branches. The idea of lineage and celebrating connection with our ancestors became a key element when creating a pattern for Clan, a pattern which began with the checked motif contained within the ‘Stuart of Bute’ heraldry.

Kin and Clan make up the Identity collection which, alongside Strata, are the first Jacquard weaves to be produced in the company's 70-year history.


Both the Identity and Strata collections were awarded the Design Guild Mark in 2021.

The collections also received the Johnathan Hindle Prize – an additional award presented to the most outstanding of the year’s Design Guild Mark awarded pieces.

MATERIALS: 68% Wool, 21% Polyamide, 11% Silk | ABRASION: Martindale 100,000 cycles | PATTERN REPEAT: W 22cm x H 23cm | APPLICATION: Suitable for upholstery and drapery in both contract and domestic applications | BUTE DESIGN TEAM: Rachel Evison & Kirsty Neil

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The Identity collection focuses on graphical representations of identity, both shared and unique. To generate Clan’s pattern, reference was drawn from methods of DNA sequencing known as autoradiographs; images created to determine an individual’s makeup by displaying the arrangement of DNAs basic building blocks. Sequential in nature, they possess a sense of recurring structure akin to the weaving process itself.

Clan’s final composition brings together these two points of reference; the basic check from the Stuart Crest and the sequenced autoradiographs, resulting in a woven pattern of structured irregularity. A randomised, linear repeat, juxtaposed with the organic fluency of Kin.

The colour palette for both Kin and Clan take their cue from the heraldry and tartans of Scottish Clans offering a range of rich tones, versatile neutrals and bold primaries. Clan’s muted colours, derived from the opulent ceilings of Mount Stuart, present a mix of deep darks and discrete naturals, promoting a sense of sophistication and elegance

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