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The Strata series of Jacquard fabrics takes its cue from the isle of Bute’s underlying geology, referencing the colours of stone found on the island from its bedrock to its pebbled beaches and rocky shores. 

The island’s rock strata is comprised of Devonian, 'Old Red' Sandstone. This same stone was used to build Mount Stuart, the ancestral home of the Stuarts of Bute. The blocks of the building were hand dressed by stone masons whose individual chisel marks are still visible today. It is from these markings that the pattern for Mason was formed.

Mason and Mineral make up the Strata collection which, alongside Identity, are the first Jacquard weaves to be produced in the company's 70-year history.


Both the Identity and Strata collections were awarded the Design Guild Mark in 2021.

The collections also received the Johnathan Hindle Prize – an additional award presented to the most outstanding of the year’s Design Guild Mark awarded pieces.

MATERIALS: 76% Wool, 21% Polyamide, 3% other fibres (Contains over 50% recycled fibres) | ABRASION: Martindale 100,000 cycles | PATTERN REPEAT: W 140cm x H 96cm | APPLICATION: Suitable for upholstery and drapery in both contract and domestic applications | BUTE DESIGN TEAM: Rachel Evison & Kirsty Neil

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The tool marks left by the masons create an effect of shadow and contrast, similar to the ridges of eroded sandstone and rocks found along the southern shore of the island.

Rubbings taken directly from the sandstone blocks of Mount Stuart were reworked into a digital format whilst retaining the nuanced detail of each chisel stroke. Taking advantage of the possibilities afforded by the jacquard loom, the subtle variations of tool marks left by the masons have been represented within the woven fabric.

It was important to carry through the effects of shadow and contrast into Mason’s colour selection so tonal variants were chosen to represent this. Earthy, rugged hues derived from the sandstone and pebbles collected on the Island helped to inform the final palette.

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